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Piper betle massage body

After each massage movements, your body will warm up by betel leaf essential oils and [...]

Bamboo massage body

Along with all massage, bamboo is warmed and rolled on your muscles, supports the elimination [...]

Massage body + Sapa- Dao Do ‘s peoples herbs baths

Soak in the tub Pơmu wood, with a variety of tobacco by the ethnic Dao Đỏ, [...]

Coconut oils massage body

with deep grave gesture full body pressed coconut oil by distillation Bằng Lăng 100% pure, it [...]

Ginger massage body

Fresh ginger essence penetrates directly into the skin cells with warm ginger will ease fears [...]

Hot stone massage body

Effect blood circulation in the body, relaxing, reducing stress and muscle nerves, reduce fatigue Price: [...]

Oil Massage body relax

Oil Massage body relax Price: 150,000 VNĐ/ 45 min ( Price do not include 10% [...]